Craving to listen to your favorite radio station while trudging on the side walk? Servercaster has created a mobile App for your radio station!

Mobile App

Radio whenever you are.

In the car, on your way to school or lugging groceries home, keep yourself entertained with this 24/7 online radio android app for just a onetime fee of $50!

While listeners can enjoy radio on the go, owners of radio stations can market their station by broadcasting nonstop! This live radio streaming app has something for everyone.


  • Compatible with both Shoutcast/Icecast Server MP3 and AAC+ formats, your mobile app will proudly display your station logo, station contact form as well a link to your radio station to attract a wider range of listeners!
  • In a world driven by social media, it is a blessing that this app is connected to your Facebook and Twitter pages so your followers can leave feedback and interact with you as well!
  • User friendly and adaptable, this mobile app offers you the luxury of letting you hear your station even when it is minimized. Now you can view and toggle between song and artist titles to play your desired tunes with no hassle involved!
  • For all those who love to doze off while tuned in to their favorite station, this app comes with a sleep timer that will pause the player after a set time and allow you peaceful sleep without going to the trouble of switching off the app yourself.

Just for$50 (One-time Fee)

How to Order?

In order to develop and start your Mobile App publishing process on the Android App Store, we will need the following informations/graphic elements:

Once you have placed your order and completed the payment, we will send you a support ticket which can be viewed on Client Area and ask for the information/graphic elements provided above.